We aren’t the status quo

We are a middle school and high school ministry that believes in building deep relationships with God that enable us to live

100% committed to Him and transform other’s hearts and lives as well as our own.

Renegaid Rally nights are for middle school and high school students!

Renegaid Rally Nights are every 2nd Sunday of the month at 7pm for all middle schoolers and high schoolers. We want every middle and high schooler on the planet to be a part.

Because we are passionate about building community, we have RDGs (Radical Discipleship Groups) that meet throughout the week/month. For a full list of middle school and high school ministry opportunities,  Click here.

If you have any questions, you can contact Pastor Micah personally at 269-830-4894 or at micah@roadtolifechurch.com.

until next Rally Night


Micah Schoeplein

Students Pastor

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For more information, email Micah at micah@roadtolifechurch.com